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Michael Addison Business/Corporate The University of Texas School of Law Shelton
Afua Akoto Litigation University of Connecticut School of Law West Haven
Linda Allard Education, Family Relations, Litigation Cornell Law School Hartford
Richard Alleyne Business/Corporate Syracuse University College of Law Hartford
Gideon Asemnor Business/Corporate, Intellectual Property University of Connecticut School of Law NA
Tracy Bempong Bankruptcy/Creditors, Criminal, Litigation Uconn School of Law Hartford
Donald Bertrand Education, Intellectual Property Yale Hamden
Joaquina Borges King Administrative, Business/Corporate, Consumer Georgetown University Berlin
Mark Boulas Civil Rights/Discrimination University of Connecticut School of Law N/A
Alan Bowie Business/Corporate, Employment Law/Labor Relations, Litigation Wake Forest University School of Law New Haven
Natalie Braswell Administrative, Civil Rights/Discrimination, Employment Law/Labor Relations, Municipal Law University of Connecticut Hartford
Romiesha Briscoe Business/Corporate, Employment Law/Labor Relations, Landlord/Tenant, Personal Injury Western New England School of Law Bloomfield
Courtney Chaplin Criminal Howard University School of Law Manchester
Nicole Christie Child Protection, Criminal, Family Relations Quinnipiac University Hartford
Cheyanne Clark Entertainment, Enviornmental, Intellectual Property, Military Western New England University School of Law Windsor
Roy Collins Business/Corporate, Education, Intellectual Property University of Houston Law Center West Hartford
Stephanie Douglas Child Protection, Civil Rights/Discrimination, Education, Family Relations Western New England University School of Law Springfield
Garlinck Dumont Criminal, Family Relations, Landlord/Tenant, Litigation New England School of Law West Hartford
Thamar Esperance-Smith Family Relations University of Connecticut School of Law Hartford
Displaying 1–20 of 46 1 2 3

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